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The Dataflex Community presents a wide range of events around the world, ranging from formal training to informal user get togethers. The larger events are generally organised by Data Access, but there are user groups who also organise their own smaller events. Another aspect to the DataFlex community is the Data Access Worldwide Forums Data Access Worldwide Forums.

Prominent Groups and Conferences

These are the groups and conferences who meet/run on a regular basis:

Coming Events

Since this wiki was originally created, events and conferences are now typically publicised via social media and Data Access websites. So, here is a list of the places where you can find the most up to date lists of upcoming DataFlex events:

Tips for using the Data Access Forums

Links to Useful External Resources

The following resources are available from DataFlex developers and companies, independent from Data Access, and are worth visiting for inspiration, news and advice about DataFlex:

Historical Events

  • VDF SIG meeting, UK - Tuesday May 24th 2011. Full report now on line. Asckey Data Services Ltd, Nr Huntingdon, UK. Email Sales@asckey.com
  • VDFUGI - 25 March 2010 - Milano first Meeting User Group italian developers
  • DISD9 - Q1/Q2 2009, New Orleans
  • DDUG - August/September 2008, Perth, Australia (TBC)
  • November 2010
  • VDF SIG meeting, UK - Tuesday May 24th 2011. Full report now on line. Asckey Data Services, Huntingdon, UK
  • June 2008
  • EDUC8 - June 5-6 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

Just for fun sites

  • Joel Spolsky's site - he is one of the most interesting writers on software I (Mike) have come across: always intelligent (even when I don't agree with him) and often with a highly individual take on things. His entire back-output is archived on the site and you can sign up for e-mail notification as he publishes new articles.
  • Dilbert - well obviously
  • User Friendly - laughs for geeks
  • Wiki Index and our entry on it: DataFlex Wiki (feel free to expand our profile there!)


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