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For any Dataflex Developer there are a range of tools useful for many situations.

Data Access Tools

Data Access provide a core of development tools vital to Dataflex development. Some of the Data Access tools are listed below, but for the complete list of their tools, visit Data Access Tools.

Third Party Development Environments

Other tools have been developed by the dataflex community over the years. These tools frequently take inspiration from the larger development community and often preview features which eventually make it into the official DataFlex Studio.

DataFlex Libraries

DataFlex Packages

This is by no means an exhaustive list, please feel free to add any packages that you would like to share.

  • cJsonPath class - Mike Peat, 6th Feb 2020. Easily get either objects or values from deep inside pretty complex JSON data.
  • JsonConfig.pkg - Mike Peat, 5th Feb 2020. A little singleton object-package which can read in a JSON configuration file and then allows you to read various settings out of it.
  • oTailTest.pkg - Sean Bamforth, 18th Nov 2017. A simple package for testing, with a fast edit/compile/run testing cycle. Allows you to constantly change and run the program, whilst keeping the program output visible at all times.
  • Startprog.pkg - A Replacement/Enhancement of the VDF Runprogram Command. Scroll through the forum post to get the latest version.

Crystal Report Tools

Other Tools

In addition to the tools listed here, you may also want to browse the 'Links to Useful External Resources' on the Portal:DataFlex Community page, which provides links to a number of sites containing example code, downloads etc.