StarZen's Date form control

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StarZen's Date Form control

This control offered by StarZen Technologies was built to allow the end user a more intuitive way of entering dates. The date form provided with Visual DataFlex has several issues that make it hard on the end user.

Smart Date Entry

Instead of using masking, which is hard on the end user this control uses smart data entry. It allows the end user to type a date in free form mode without any restrictions and will then extract the date the user entered.

The control will substitute defaults for missing elements. These defaults for month and year can be set manually or be left to automatically use the current year and/or month.

The control allows the end user to type a full date, day and month, day only, even a weekday or month name to set the date to the following day of week or to the first day of the entered month.

Masked Date Display

The control allows the definition of a mask to show the entered date when the focus leaves the control.

Show Date format when form is empty (optional)

This optional feature allows the control to show the date format within the control while no data is entered to guide the end user when entering dates.

Click here to watch a movie of this control in action