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I am working with VDF 12.0

In the application , I have used " Trackbar ". & according to position of the trackbar , i am displaying the text in a TextEdit. Suppose the Trackbar position is "1" then in the textedit it is showing as "TEXT1"etc.

For that I have written the procedure "OnFinishedSliding" and here I am changing the text in the TextEdit & its working.

But we can change the position of that trackbar using the "mouse scrolling wheel" (central scrolling wheel on the mouse) , But I can not find out any event which will catch this ...

Is there any event / method which will catch this event ?

Thanks In advance.

Regards, Nayan P.Geet, Itrix Inc. Epura India

Hello Nayan - great to see you posting on the newsgroups on news:// is a great place to ask questions!--Jka 08:19, 23 November 2007 (CET)