Visual Modelling of multiple visual objects

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Visual Modelling of multiple visual objects

The VDF studio is geared towards handling source code with one main panel or dialog, and accordingly when the programmer switches to a visual represntation the Studio will display the first such object in the source file. However in some cases the programmer may find it useful to be able to include such items as password or other popup dialogs in the same source file as the main object. To allow the main object to be modelled and hide the 'lesser' objects, it is necessary to change the class of the popup objects to be non-modellable.

I do it this way.

 //Object Freddialog is a cmydbmodalpanelnomodel //uncomment to hide from modelling
 Object Freddialog is a cmybmodalpanel           //comment this line to hide from modelling

and here's the class, the only important line being the { DesignerClass=None } at the top

 //* Class:        cMyDbModalPanelnomodel
 //* Package Name: cMyDbModalPanelnomodel.pkg
 //* Use for password popups etc. This stops a popup being modelled in the Studio
 //  as otherwise the main panel isn't getting seen. Mostly used in Menus
 Use dfdbmdpn.pkg
 { DesignerClass=None } //Daves mod to stop this sneaking in and being modelled when  the meaty stuff is MUCH lower
 Class cMyDbModalPanelnoModel is a dbModalPanel
    Procedure Construct_object
        Forward Send Construct_Object
 End_Class // cMyDbModalPanel